Historical Restoration

Along with a lot of old homes and buildings we have here in Historical Cape Cod\New England Area. Comes a lot of the old ways of wall finishes not all good and not all made to withstand and test of time. For example lath and plaster with old horse hair plaster, its held up for many years but now we start to see spider cracking or the old plaster feels loose and fragile. There are many reasons for these problems but not many solutions, and the solutions can become very costly especially in old houses because of all the historical wood trims and moldings.

MTDrywall has thought of this and we do have a solution that doesn’t involve removing any of the woodwork so that we can preserve the character of the building without going into a full fledged renovation. We have used this in many buildings here on Cape Cod for example the Chatham Marconi Maritime Center in Chatham, MA. We restored the two buildings top to bottom after no one had set foot inside them for many years and the place was literally falling apart. We have done many of these and the results speak for themselves after we are through the owner ends up with nice smooth walls that are not going to crack anymore without removing any of the hard to replace woodwork that can be pretty costly and hard to find.

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