Acoustical Ceilings

Even though our name is MT Drywall we also install acoustical ceilings. MT Drywall has finished 1000’s of ceilings here on Cape Cod and the islands. We specialize in the design and installation of various types of custom ceilings. With all the latest tools and techniques, we strive to satisfy the goals and objectives of each of our customers. Weather it’s a small room in a basement to a 10,000 sqft office space we will get the job done with the utmost quality and service.

Why install an Acoustical Ceiling…?

• Cover electrical or mechanical systems

• Cover existing damaged ceilings

• Lower a ceiling plane

• To make a room quieter and brighter

The materials used in our ceilings are all commercial grade and are not found in the local hardware store. This results in a more rigid ceiling that will resist sagging and warping and will last a lot longer.

Drywall Grid System

We also offer a Drywall Grid System, this is similar to an acoustical ceiling, but for drywall. It is a thick suspended metal grid 16” on center that drywall can be hung on taped and finished to look like any normal ceiling in a house. This saves builders a lot of time. Where you would have had to pay carpenters to frame it out of wood taking a lot of time or possibly not have known what to do in a curtain area. We usually can install the drywall grid system in half the time then most conventional wood framing which leads to easier scheduling and lower costs.


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