Hanging & Finishing

In most homes more than 75% of the visible interior finish is the drywall. We take this in to consideration every time we do a job and try to make it come out as nice as it can be.

Before hanging we walk through the job to make sure everything is up to our standards, for example, all blocking is in place, everything is nailed off and all insulation is cleaned up properly.

During the hanging process we try to hang the largest boards possible in order to get rid of as many seams and joints as possible which makes for a more smooth finish in the end.

During the Finishing process we use a product called USG Durabond (brown bag) for our first coat this drys very strong almost like cement, has less shrinkage and is very resilient to the temperature changes here in the New England weather. Then for the next 2 coats we use USG Compound this is a softer product and is made to be able to be sanded when dry..

Finally we sand the project using one of our rotary drywall sanders which is hooked up to a triggered vacuum that eliminates approximately 90% of the drywall dust. We know construction can be a dirty process but we try our best to eliminate as much dust as possible from the job so that you can breath easier knowing your home is in good hands.

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