M.T. Drywall has been family owned and operated since 1993. Michel Tanguay the company’s Founder and President, started his drywall business as an independent subcontractor in 1971 performing drywall work for builders on the Cape and the Islands when work was commenced and completed on a handshake. In 1993, Michel started M.T. Drywall and his continued philosophy of running a business with high integrity, quality workmanship, and excellence in customer service at competitive rates catapulted his business as a very well-known and respected company in the construction industry.

drop-celing-drywall-cape-codHow is M.T. Drywall  different from any other Drywall  Company?

With 30+ years of experience in the drywall and construction industry, we’ve perfected all phases of drywall. We are far past the learning curve of most other companies in this field and know how to perform work on standard and complex projects. We only use high-quality products which are essential for good workmanship. Not many people are aware of how important high-quality products serve in the long run. For example, the taping compound we use is a superior product that results in the less likelihood of cracks. Also our acoustical ceiling materials we use are all commercial grade and not found at the local hardware store this results in a more rigid ceiling that will not sag and that will last a lot longer. This, in turn, leads to less callbacks and headaches for the homeowners and builders.

We are a One-Stop-Shop. Instead of clients needing to hire and schedule a variety of contractors, we can cover light demolition through finished walls that are ready to paint or wallpaper. This includes metal stud framing, sound proofing, drywall, finished with either smooth walls or a custom texture, primed and ready for finish paint. In addition, our crew ensures that our job sites are left clean upon completion. This One-Stop-Shop convenience for the client leads to easier scheduling, lower costs, and confidence that the job will be done by professionals, on time, and within their budget.

We stand behind our work and make sure that it is of the highest grade possible

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